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Here at Furryfish, we design and create animated characters and stories that entertain and enrich lives. We bring to them what engaged us as cartoon-loving children, and what tickles us still as adults. Our themes are drawn from mythology, folklore, fables, comic strips and even contemporary lifestyle trends that we have grown up or are evolving with in our part of the world, Asia.

Technology has made it easy for us to express Asian humour and themes which have become widely accepted and immensely popular. We are proud to be part of a culture that is as rich in tradition as it is in contradiction, an advantage we unabashedly exploit to promote our roots, and to have a good laugh at ourselves.

And this is what our signature productions deliver to you - a piece of an Asian experience. With the eyes of our characters, we hope to lend an appreciation of our culture that serves as the backbone of our humour. And inevitably, we shall all stumble upon familiar themes that prove the cliche - that we are not so different from one part of the world to another after all.