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We’re constantly updating our portfolio of work, and as we’re still in the process of consolidating samples into a web-friendly format, following are a handful of projects for your easy reference. Watch out for this space as we update our showcase.


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F&N Foods | Web
What better way to toast the season of love than with a healthy glass of indulgence? "A Berry Love Affair" honours Valentine's Day with an introduction of the F&N MAGNOLIA Yoghurt Smoothie Mixed Berries with Strawberry Bits - a tantalizing delight that leaves you thirsting for more!

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Safra Radio | Web
We're privileged to have worked alongside a very dynamic team of radio professionals to reinforce their online presence with a fresh visual outlook that extends the best of their programmes and offerings to the public. The result of this collaboration saw the birth of two new websites that each encompasses the distinctive personality of the radio station, and many interactive features that expanded their outreach to listeners.

PSA e-Induction
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PSA | Interactive Training & E-card System
In communicating PSA's vision and dynamism as a organisation, we created an interactive electronic induction program for their global offices and unique animated e-cards with a personalised system for their use and distribution worldwide.

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Mety Darmali | Corporate Identity & Web
Mety Darmali makes fairytales come alive in her beautiful art and craftwork that take the form of lifestyle accessories & products, earning her an enviable position in the world of high-fashion. We were privileged to have learnt and journeyed with her on her creative process to accomplish a line of corporate identity collateral and an online presence that captures the essence of her fine brand.

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Peugeot Singapore | Online Marketing
An amazing year of partnership with Peugeot Singapore saw the fulfilment of a flashy, sleek website to match the brand's dynamism and passion for motoring.

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Furryfish | E-Cards
Always eager to spread some festive cheer, we have quite a collection of painstakingly-crafted e-greetings for all our cherished friends!

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F&N | Animation
A series of cheery, short, animated TVCs and e-card coated with F&N Goodness to perk your day!

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SONY | Web
We’ve loved the brand since the Walkman became a symbol rather than just a name, so we loosed our sirens to get the technology giant charging our way. Think not of this as a product site - even Batteries are sexy when they're made by Sony.

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The Alchemy Partnership | Web
Finally a chance to revisit the chalkboard and reminisce the old days when doodles and textbooks were such a huge part of our everyday reality. The Alchemy Partnership believes in turning the ordinary into gold - which put us right in the pressure lab that concocted a bubbling mix of visuals that drew inspiration from a memory that once was ordinary to us all.

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INTEL | Core2Duo Campaign
We’re glad to have pitched in our brand of superhero action with the introduction of Intel’s new face for their Core2Duo campaign at the World Cyber Games 2006. We had great fun conceptualising, dreaming up and finally selecting the character, and she proved a winning choice from maddening crowds who rushed for picture opportunities with this awesome lady.

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INTEL | “Power of 2” Campaign
Double wins for Intel as we conjured a pair of butt-kicking manga-styled twins to champion their Dual-Core technology. The duo became an instant hit with retailers and made an attractive addition to their store displays.

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ASEF | Marketing Collateral
Furryfish has been working in close partnership with Asia Europe-Foundation (ASEF) in supporting ASEF's cross-media design and promotional needs for a variety of cultural exchange programmes.

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StarHub | Christmas Collateral 2005
StarHub’s Christmas 2005 proved an exciting challenge for the team, who battled against crunching deadlines and daunting ideals to finally achieve a set of collateral that (we’re unashamed to claim) put a smile on everyone’s faces. :)

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“Lacklustre Lucy” | Animation Award Winner
A wonderful collaboration with McCann Erickson, this is the brainchild of both our creative teams about a little girl whose impaired vision gets miraculously cured by a blue-haired fairy. We’re proud to mention it’s earned us the following accolades:

Creative Circle Awards

  • Silver (Television & Cinema-Cinema-Individual)
  • Silver (Craft in Television & Cinema-Animation/ computer generated images)
  • Bronze (Craft in Television & Cinema-Soundtrack/ Music)

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“The Habit” | Animation
This is a fun piece about a regular guy on a regular day, and how a perfectly regular event drives him into sheer desperation that results in a habit for life. Watch it for the laughs.

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ENCAMS | Flash Game (Tidyman Series)
“Grime City” is a game specially created for fans of Tidyman, Britain’s favourite anti-littering mascot. The game was created alongside the animated series, providing good fun to the public with blood-pumping, trash-grabbing action while serving the general good.

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ENCAMS | Animation (Tidyman Series)
This is a series of short animated clips and a Flash game created for a British anti-littering campaign. ENCAMS commissioned us to produce the series after our first piece won their judges over in an earlier competition.

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StarHub | Christmas Collateral 2004
Furryfish is proud to have worked closely with StarHub to produce their 2004 Christmas marketing collateral for both local and overseas distribution.

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URA | Multimedia
A showpiece for the newly-opened Singapore City Gallery, “How Do We Plan” is a 7-min animated feature that takes audiences through the basics of city planning in a fun, interactive way.

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PSC Nite 2004 | TV Ad
This was an animated TV commercial done for PSC Nite, a specially commissioned variety game show aired over Mediacorp’s Channel 8 in October 2004. The TV commercial helped promote the highlights of the programme, promoting PSC’s household products, home viewer participation and the hosts of prizes in store.

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Mi-U | TV Ad
An exciting television commercial created for Indonesian-owned Mi-U, a well-known brand of soft drink.