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Rex Lee
Formerly the founding member of a reputable design firm in Singapore, Rex brings with him 7 years of experience in the web publishing and animation industry. A designer by vocation, he has won numerous local and international awards for both web design and animation work. Many of Rex’s comic illustrations and animation productions have been featured over local media, and he is a familiar face to many in the design and animation industry.

You may contact Rex at

Damian Lee
Damian brings to the team a diverse range of skills in design and animation. A designer by training, he has excelled in the fields of graphic design, web publishing, illustration and animation, bagging much commendation and recognition for his contribution to award-winning productions. The magician behind our signature productions, Damian’s immense talent and versatility makes him a prized asset to the team.

You may contact Damian at

Florence Lim
Florence brings with her 7 years of experience in the web publishing industry, specifically in the areas of project management and public relations. Having excelled in client servicing and media management, she brings to the team an edge in business orientation and partner relations as she oversees the operational needs of the organization.

You may contact Florence at

Peter Ong
Also a former co-founder of a design firm, Peter’s broad range of business experience spans across a list of industries with specific focus on new media. A designer by training, Peter leads the team in exploring advances in publishing technology to bridge the design and technology gap, as we continue to push boundaries with groundbreaking content over new media.

You may contact Peter at

Roland King
Most seasoned among the lot, Roland holds an impressive portfolio spanning across 14 years of management experience in the finance industry. Roland has worked in top financial and consulting institutions in the US, UK and Asia. A true tech guru at heart, Roland fronts our technology initiatives and adds top brains to our team’s unique artistic talent.

You may contact Roland at