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Furryfish is a creative studio that delivers a suite of design services over various media channels. We consider ourselves storytellers, dedicated to communicating brand and life stories effectively through design.

Founded in early 2004, Furryfish comprises a team of professionals who have pioneered in their respective areas of expertise in the creative industry since 1996. Having taken with us over a decade’s worth of experience in driving design solutions through new media, Furryfish now represents the new flagship of our creative ambitions as we continue engaging fresh perspectives for delivering dynamic content in a new era of visual communication.

Over the years, our team members have produced cross-media projects for a wide range of clients from multi-nationals to special interest groups, spanning across corporate, retail or community-driven in nature. We have bagged awards both locally and internationally, gaining recognition especially for our groundbreaking efforts in deploying creative concepts through technology in web publishing and new media content.

We continually strive to maintain our edge and push boundaries in technology, creative thought and innovation to effectively communicate brand concepts and stories through varied media.

We pride ourselves for our work and commitment towards our ideals and loyal service to our clients, and look forward to continually developing valued partnerships with strong enthusiasm, infectious creative energy and innovation.